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FFESSM is today the main scuba diving organization in France with more than 150 000 licensees, 2 500 Clubs and SCA, 6 000 instructors and more than 70 000 patents issued each year.

The FFESSM has defined complete training courses for each level, which guarantee a homogeneous training and a safe progression.

Crossovers exist, however, with most of the attestations issued by other French organizations.

Recognition by the World Underwater Federation offers all FFESSM graduates the opportunity to dive in a 100 countries.

You want to start teaching, here are the two links that will allow you to find all the necessary information:
Website of the FFESSM regional technical commission: http://ctr-ffessmcotedazur.fr
Website of the FFESSM national technical commission:  

Take advantage and download the technical training manual and the FFESSM diver’s memento, two essential documents to the preparation of the certifications of Initiator, MF1 and MF2 :
Technical Training Manual: http://www.ffessm.fr/pages_manuel.asp
Diver’s memento: http://www.ffessm.fr/pagectn.asp?pages_numero=334

You can follow the Initiator, MF1&MF2 courses at the Easy Dive Diving Center of Juan les Pins.



The initiator club, open from level 2, is the first instructor level of the FFESSM.

For further details on training and examination, please refer to the corresponding chapter of the technical training manual.


oPrerogatives of E1 (level 2 or 3 + initiator)

  • Monitoring and Organization of the pool sessions, in the near space (6 meters deep maximum)
  • Responsibility of teaching in the pool, in the near space (6 meters deep maximum): Diving director
  • Beginner’s training exercises for autonomous Level II divers in the near space (6 meters deep maximum). If the training is carried out in a natural environment or if it’s about children’s diving, the diving director must be at least a 1st degree instructor (E3 instructor).
  • Participation in the juries for the level 1 certification
  • In an artificial environment: certification for the skills of the level 1
  • UC4 Equivalence of the MF1 (practical pedagogy without scuba and with scuba on the surface)

Note: An initiator trainee undergoing training has no teaching prerogative

o E2 prerogatives (level 4 + initiator)

In addition to the prerogatives listed above, the club Initiators Patented Level IV of the FFESSM (E2) can teach diving within a dive center, at a maximum depth of 20 meters (up to autonomous level II) under the direction of a 1st degree instructor (E3 instructor), unless otherwise specified by the President of the dive center. They validate the competence of Level 1. They validate the dives they have prepared in natural environment.

Initiator Club at Easy Dive

We offer Initiator Club training courses all year round. Accelerated trainings are possible during the week preceding the exam. Exam dates are declared at the regional level, please refer to the training calendar, or contact us.


The MF1 is the first level of FFESSM’s instructor levels. It’s open to holders of Level 4 or accepted diploma in equivalence. For more details about training, pedagogical training and exam please refer to the corresponding chapter of the FFESSM’s technical training manual.

Prerogatives of the first-degree federal instructor

  • To sign dive logs
  • Validate Level 1 to Level III diver certification
  • Sign the aptitudes of the candidates for the autonomous diver certificate level IV
  • To approve the Level V diver’s qualifications – Diving Director
  • FFESSM 1st degree Federal instructors can be members of the level IV’s juries and judge tests in double with FFESSM 2nd degree Federal instructor(s) or BEES 2nd degree.
  • FFESSM 1st degree Federal instructors can be members of the initiator’s juries and judge the practical testswith anotherMF1, and the pedagogical and preventive tests with a FFESSM 2nd degree Federal instructor(s) or a BEES 2nd degreeinstructor
  • To perform the functions of a Diving Director.

Each year, the CTR Côte d’Azur organizes many MF1 courses and exams in the Maritime Alps and the Var.

EASY DIVE Juan les Pins  hosts final trainings and a regional MF1 exam in October.

For more information and registration: http://ctr-ffessmcotedazur.fr/index.php/2014-10-22-06-08-40/inscription

Exam dates are declared at the Regional level, refer to the training calendar.


The MF2 is the highest level of the FFESSM instructor levels. It is open to holders of the MF1 or equivalent diploma. For more details on the course, pedagogical training and exam please refer to the corresponding chapter of the FFESSM technical training manual.

Prerogatives of the second degree Federal instructor

In addition to the issuance of federal qualifications and the participation in the juries of Group Guide – Level 4, Club Initiator, and of 1st degree Federal Instructor, The 2nd degree Federal Instructors are entitled :

  • To sign in the MF1 pedagogical booklet, pedagogical supervisory training certificates in preparation for 1st Degree Instructor Level

  • To sign in the MF2 pedagogical booklet, in the UC4, in the certificates of participation of the MF2 trainees at the Initial Initiator trainings for which they are responsible.

  • To sign in the MF2 pedagogical booklet, in the UC6, in the certificate of 2nd degree pedagogy sessions made by the MF2 trainees when the latter are carried out:

  • In situation of real training on MF1 trainees themselves during training, in situation under their own tutelage as MF2.

  • During sessions conducted as part of a training, in situation of Initiator under their own trusteeship as MF2.

  • To sign in the MF2 pedagogical booklet, in the UC7, in the certificate of 1st degree pedagogy sessions made by the MF2 trainees
  • Sign the certificates of aptitude to present the CSR of 30 m and the tests up to 50m of the UC8 for the candidates at MF2.

The EASY DIVE diving center hosts the MF2 regional trainings continuous training in the CTR Côte d’Azur.

Every two years, the CTR Côte d’Azur organizes an initial MF2 regional training.

For more information and registration http://ctr-ffessmcotedazur.fr/index.php/2014-10-22-06-50-44/formation

To prepare for the MF2, the National Technical Commission puts  many documents at your disposal: http://www.ffessm.fr/pages.asp?p=223&t=Formation