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The EASY DIVE Juan les Pins diving center is affiliated to Apprendre-a-naviguer,the leading boat license training in France.

Apprendre-a-naviguer method is based on interactivity and simulation that will give you real captain’s skills in a coastal navigation. By choosing to train with GLOBAL NAV, you will be more confident and autonomous and will earn more peace of mind and pleasure to navigate.

EASY DIVE Juan les Pins offers “Coastal” recreational license training.

The “coastal” recreational license is required to drive a powered pleasure craft (or pleasure boat) with a power of more than 4.5kW (6 horse power).

It can be passed from the age of 16, provided to fulfil the requirements of medical fitness

It allows the driving of pleasure boats and Jet Skis with no power limit up to 6 miles from a shelter and confers the right to use the VHF on the French inland waters.

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This training consists of three parts: :

Theoretical training in the classroom, with a teacher holding a teaching license, of at least 5 hours.

This implies, in particular, that spending hours in front of preparation tests can’t be considered as training; which must above all give you the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate. Online training systems can be great add-ons to the knowledge acquisition as long as they are real training systems and not online tests.

A complementary theoretical training of at least 1h30 to acquire practical skills:

  • safety equipment (individual and collective)
  • VHF use
  • meteorological informations
  • nautical charts reading

Practical training where you need to spend 2 hours at least on the helm of the boat to acquire the basic skills of driving and manoeuvring the motorboat:   

  • Mastering the start of the engine
  • Mastering the trajectory, speed, stopping the boat and the reverse gear
  • Hold an alignment from the front and back
  • Docking, sailing
  • Taking a mooring buoy  
  • RRecovering of a person or an object that has fallen into the water
  • Anchoring 
  • Mooring 

For more information on boat license training and the learn-to-navigate network: http://www.apprendre-a-naviguer.com

For more information on dates or to register: permis@easydive.fr

To download the registration file: registration file