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The EASY DIVE Juan les Pins diving center is affiliated to Apprendre-a-naviguer,leading boat license training in France

EASY DIVE Juan les Pins offers the “offshore” recreational license training.

The offshore extension makes it possible to drive all types of pleasure boats with no limit of size, nor engine power and without any distance limit from the coast. It should be noted that the skipper of a sailboat doesn’t need a license to sail in France.

To register for the offshore expansion exam, the candidate must first hold the coastal recreational license.

The navigation can be done, night and day and without limitation of distance, provided that the ship is equipped with offshore gear. Applicants must pass a 1.5 hour theoretical exam on navigation, tide, meteorology, electronic navigational aids and regulations.


Au Programme :

  • Reading of the nautical chart
  • Navigate: trace your route, calculate your course, take into account the wind and the current
  • Use marine instruments and more specifically GPS
  • Calculate the water depths of the tide and depths available
  • Know the meteorology
  • Know how to navigate in heavy weather

Examination process :

The offshore license is a theoretical test of one and a half hours. It consists of several stages:

  • A map reading,
  • A tide calculation,
  • Two multiple-choice questions / answers on the use of navigation equipment on board,
  • Two multiple-choice questions / answers on the weather,
  • A multiple-choice question / answer about the safety of the people on board.

To pass this test, you must obtain a minimum of 12/20, including 7/12 on maps reading.

To take the exam, you must bring:

  • A compass,
  • A nautical chart, SHOM exercises n ° 9999,
  • The Cras ruler (navigation tool),
  • A pencil and an eraser.

For more information on boat license training and apprendre-a-naviguer network: http://www.apprendre-a-naviguer.com

For more information on dates or to register: permis@easydive.fr

To download the registration form: off shore registration file