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The fun dive is the ideal recreational diving: guided scuba diving in groups or autonomously, you will freely discover the underwater.

You will evolve in small groups (maximum 4 divers) and in compliance with the safety standards and indications of the dive director responsible for the outing.

If you go autonomously, the dive director will give you a detailed description of the dive site as well as places or curiosities « not to be missed ».

If you haven’t been diving for a long time, whatever your level is, a « rehabilitation » dive must be carried out to allow you to dive safely.

Themed diving

Themed diving can be organized as part of specialty training courses, but also just for fun… contact us!

Different Specialties:

    • night
    • wrecks
    • navigation
    • photo or vidéo
    • nitrox
    • trimix
    • biology and environment
    • deep
    • underwater scooter
    • dry suit



Photos Alberto BALBI



EASY DIVE offers FFESSM and PADI courses and certifications.

The FFESSM courses will allow you to benefit from a rigorous training, the PADI courses will open the doors of the majority of diving clubs around the world.



Medical Certificate

You can download here the list of doctors approved by the FFESSM on the Côte d’Azur. You can also download an example of a medical certificate here: it can be used as a support for your doctor or you can inform yourself about the type of questions that he/she will be asking you before issuing you a medical certificate for the practice of scuba diving (Source: Commission Medical FFESSM).

Warning! The issuance of a first license is subject to the presentation of a medical certificate meeting certain requirements. For further information please refer to the explanatory document prepared by the Medical Commission of the FFESSM.

Synthese certificat medical

In all cases, even if you present a valid medical certificate, we would like to remind you that some chronic or temporary health problems may contraindicate the practice of diving. The list of such problems would include – but not be limited to:

  • Cardiac, renal
  • Respiratory (asthma, pneumothorax …)
  • Neurological (epilepsy …) or psychiatric, tetany …
  • Diabetes, endocrine diseases …
  • O.R.L, ocular problems
  • Pregnancy (even this is not a disease!)
  • • Some medications

Some documents of the Medical Commission of the FFESSM to download:
Medical Certificate form for Diving
List of Contrindications to Diving
List of Federal Doctors in Côte d’Azur

Parental authorization

A parental authorization is mandatory for minors.

Download the Parental authorization form : Authorization Form

FFESSM license and insurance

The license is compulsory only to pass the FFESSM patent. For explorations or for other certifications (PADI) a medical certificate is enough: the diver is covered by the Easy Dive insurance.

Membership in the FFESSM, by means of a license, opens the possibility to subscribe to complementary insurance which is fairly competitive. For your safety, we ask all divers wishing to go autonomously or to explore the deep space (40m) to present an additional insurance that covers the activity.

In France, the regulation of air and mixed gas diving is governed by the Sport Code.

Download the Sport Code the Diving section: Sport Code