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The introductory dive is a unique experience that allows you to safely discover the beauty of the underwater and the incredible sensation of weightlessness and freedom offered by this activity.


Introductory dive is a special course during which you will discover the complete equipment and its use, you will learn the main rules of security and communication codes. These elements will allow you to go exploring the depths with an instructor that will accompany your first bubbles. The dive take place in the sea, with a boat departure for a duration of 2h30. On the dive site, listen to your instructor’s briefing and then go for an immersion of about 30 minutes.
Introductory dives from the beach are also possible.

Prerequisite and formalities

Introductory dives are an adventure that everyone (from 8 years old .. and without any age limit!) can live without any prerequisite. No need to know how to swim, use fins or hold your breath: explanations given by your instructor and his presence in the water will be enough to make your dive an unforgettable moment.

Introductory dive doesn’t require providing a medical certificate. However, This will be essential if you plan to pass a patent. we provide you with a non-exhaustive list of contraindications to the practice of this activity. We are also at your disposal if you have any questions.


The price of the introductory dive includes the rental of the complete equipment ( Aqua Lung equipment of less than one year), the dive as well as the diploma that will open the door of different courses (Level 1 with the FFESSM / CMAS or Open Water with PADI).